Ilpa, stabilimento di nave

Headquarters and factory in Nave (BS) - Italy


Started in 1948.
The world has been changing rapidly due to the demands of the market and of development technology. During these years we have always been curious, dynamic, and open to innovations. ILPA started as a joinery, and then began producing pre-fabricated wooden houses.

In 1962, we started producing block board panels. Currently we are probably the historical producer in Europe of block board panels.

In 1977, we started producing three ply panels.

In 1993, we patented STRATO-STOCK®, a new composite panel for formwork applications.
This was the most innovative proposal in the large surface building industry. The success of the product was soon confirmed by the big plywood producers who reproduced the product.

In 2004, composite panels were further improved with the Xlife project, which was developed together with one of the largest formwork producers in the world. In 2006, we patented the first wooden shuttering board with polyurethane edge protection.

In 2005, we patented the first wooden shuttering board with polyurethane edge protection.

In 2010, we started testing the STRATO FILM panel.

In 2014, we started working alongside important players outside Europe.

In 2017, we started the production of the first formwork panel with a single polyurethane high pressure perimeter edge protection

1948-2018, 70 years of innovation

Pressa Strato-Stock


Is a mix of competence and partnership which enables us to meet the demands of the market.

Is a mix of our own skills and those of our partners, which enables us to meet market demands.
We are a small, dynamic, and flexible company and intend to remain as such.
For many years now, we have established a working network with industrial groups, as well as research and development institutes.
We believe in the strength of partnerships, which guarantees long term solidity, as well as instruments, resources, and technology transfer between different fields.
We have many joint patents. We manufacture exclusive finished products and semi-finished products.

Interno Magazzino


We believe in technological transfer between different sectors of the market and particularly from automotive to construction.
We think that joint research and development agreements with the major leaders in this field are an effective way of meeting many unmet needs in our market.
We want to continue as we started, developing increasingly better solutions in the field of composite panels for the building industry.


We believe we are among the companies that best contributed to the innovation of standard formwork panels. At the beginning of the 90s we were the first to patent the polyolefin based plastic overlay and apply it on a wooden panel. This idea, which seems apparently simple, proved to be successful over the years, managing to further enhance the positive features of the wood and limiting the negative ones.
Currently, we are testing a further edge protection for the formwork panel in order to improve sealing and consequently extend the life of the panel.


The persistent innovation created by ILPA, together with traditional research and typical Italian imagination, allows us to transfer technological innovation from other fields with the support of our partners. This enables us to maintain a streamlined and efficient structure and offer our experience to major global players in the building industry in order to meet the new needs of the sector.



All STRATO-STOCK® panel packs are identified with a label showing the production code and the bar code, which allow the stock to be quickly and tidily managed.

Laser Engraving

Serigrafia Laser

All STRATO-STOCK® panels have a tracking number engraved with a laser on one side of the plastic overlay. This method guarantees maximum traceability for each panel, both for ourselves and our customers.

RFID Integration (radio frequency)

Identificazione RFID

It is possible to insert RFID labels into each panel on request. This microchip is a sophisticated method that meets more specific demands.


The tests performed on our products are divided into:
100% control – zero defects: Tests are carried out on each panel using ultrasound heads that check the whole surface for the presence of defects in the core of the panel.
SPC (Statistical process control)

Ultrasound control

Controllo Ultrasuoni

The gluing of each STRATO-STOCK® panel is checked by ultrasound heads.

Ultraviolet control – Ageing proof test

Prova Ultravioletti

Here we compare our competitors’ three ply panels, with wide lath structure, and our three ply spruce panels, demonstrating our product’s superior resistance.

Sample test

Prove a Campione

The gluing of the STRATO-STOCK® panel is spot checked by boiling and stretching tests on production samples.

Scratch resistance

Resistenza al Graffio

Comparison between traditional film faced panel and STRATO-STOCK® panel.

Taber test

Prova Taber

Comparison between traditional film faced panel and STRATO-STOCK® panel.


Environmental Commitment

ILPA believes in a balanced and sustainable development of its economic activities that aim to preserve, protect, and improve the quality of the environment.
With this in mind, our wood is purchased exclusively comes from FSC and PEFC certified companies, and, therefore, forests that are sustainably managed. Production complies with designated guidelines and all chemicals used during production are in accordance with the European REACH list.


Utilizzo Fotovoltaico

About half of the electricity consumed annually is made by a photovoltaic system on the roof of the building where production takes place.

Thermal Energy Recovery

Recupero Energia Termica

All thermal energy needed by ILPA for its own production and for the heating of working premises is produced using waste products.

Recyclability of Products

Riciclabilità Prodotti

Due to obvious logistical problems, the panels produced by ILPA cannot be recycled directly by the manufacturer. However, ILPA has experimented with the technical feasibility of two ways of re-using its products at the end of their life cycle.

IRLE Plant

Impianto IRLE

This is a plant with non-combustion thermocatalytic technology in the total absence of oxygen. The process allows liquid and gas hydrocarbons to be obtained by the re-arrangement of the chemical bonds of the macromolecules present in the starter matrices.
The polymeric components constituting plastic residues and ligneous parts present in variable proportions in the waste matrices are partially split and recombined with the formation of hydrocarbons by means of suitable reaction conditions and the presence of targeted solid catalysts.
See IRLE website



Material recycling, after a preliminary processing stage which transforms the panel waste at the end of its life cycle into secondary raw material, has been tested using innovative technology developed by the Plaxtech company.
See PLAXTECH website